2021 Fall Golf at Belden

FALL GOLF at Belden is a must!

No one does leaves like us and the the views can’t be beat!
Leagues are wrapping up, so plenty of time for Open Play!

Fall Rates start October 1st!

Consider joining one of our FALL TOURNAMENTS:
-Sept 25 (Sat)  BEER THIRTY   8am
-Oct 3 (Sun)  TURKEY TROT  9am
-Oct 9 (Sat)  GOLF YOUR HEART OUT  9am
-Oct 10 (Sun)  TWIN TIER ELITE  10am
-Oct 17 (Sun)  IVES BENEFIT  10am

Come play in our FALL PITCH LEAGUE:
*Some old fashioned card playing fun!!
*2-man team, Thursdays 9/23-12/16, 7pm, $25 for the season!
*Sub list available too!!