Sponsor A Hole at Belden Hill

Now is a great time to sponsor a hole and advertise at one the Southern Tier’s best golf courses!
Advertise your business on a hole sign for $300
Advertise your business on our score cards for $200 
At Belden Hill, we go through approximately 25,000 scorecards a season, so your business is sure to get some attention!
Contact David at (607) 727-9210 or Tonia at (607) 759-0574 for more information.
A Letter from Owners David & Tonia
Dear Friends of Belden Hill Golf Club,
Once the new year has been rung in, our next season always feels that much closer! With any luck, we will be out whipping Belden Hill into shape in just a couple of months, maybe a bit overzealous, but it feels good to go with that thought! Hopefully you have a warm weather vacation in your near future…I think every northerner should have the opportunity for a February getaway.
We were fortunate enough to enjoy some beautiful fall golf once again in upstate New York; Dave and I were grateful for that. Fall is one of the prettiest times to visit Belden, no doubt. If you didn’t make it out this past fall, maybe you can put that at the top of your list for 2020! You don’t have to be a golfer to take advantage of this either…just let us know and we will gladly give you a key and send you out on the course to enjoy its beauty.
Dave and I have finally decided to enlist the help of a company called Teesnap this year in the interest of growing our business. They have a whole team of professionals who will be helping with our website, marketing strategies, online teetime bookings, social media presence and anything else I might be able to hit them up for! Times are certainly changing and I have quickly discovered that I was born a bit too soon. Rather than wait a few years to get help from our children, I thought it best to get a jump on things now! If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our website in the past couple of months, please squeeze it in when you have a couple free minutes. It continues to be a work in progress, but I believe our website developer did a fantastic job and I look forward to expanding it in the coming months.
As part of our business expansion, we are looking to add a youth program, a ladies night with golf instruction, and hopefully a couple more golf leagues. Thanks to our amazing staff at Belden Hill, we are often referred to as one of the best kept courses in the area, tee to green. We currently have 25 tournaments booked for the upcoming season and anticipate adding several more as the season approaches. If you are looking to plan an outing or simply celebrate a family milestone, please keep us in mind! We would love to be your hosts.
At this time, we are seeking out tee sponsors for the 2020 season. Maybe you are a returning sponsor, if so, we appreciate your support and hope that this advertising has helped your business too. For those of you who may be considering advertising with us for the first time, the cost for advertising your business on a hole sign is $300. Your sign can be as simple as your company logo. If you happen to have a business card, that works great. And if you want to get clever, that works too! For an additional $200 we will add you to our scorecards as well. At Belden Hill, we go through approximately 25,000 scorecards a season, so your business is sure to get some attention!
Thank you for your consideration. Please keep us in mind…whether it is a banquet, small party, leisurely golf outing, golf league, tournament or fundraiser, we would love to have you! If you have any questions please contact Dave at 727-9210 or myself at 759-0574. And either way, we look forward to seeing you at Belden this season!
Many Thanks
David & Tonia Warpus